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AI Consulting Company

Ombrulla is an AI service provider that creates AI-driven services that will allow your company to fully utilise the data collected.


We partner with our customers to solve their business challenges

AI Service

Artificial intelligence 

Ombrulla works with businesses to develop and execute end-to-end AI / ML solutions that will help them prepare for a brighter future. As an AI Company, our professionals collaborate with your team to develop unique ML models to solve problems, increase productivity, automate processes, and improve customer experience.


Internet of Things 

Ombrulla Industrial IoT (IIoT) Software includes everything you need to set up your IoT infrastructure and manage your devices. Device Agnostic, IoT Network, Cloud Storage, Data Rules, Alerts, Command, Data Analytics, and Visualization were among the features offered by this No-Code IoT Platform.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision 

Ombrulla captures video or picture data of production lines, retail outlets, company processes, and individuals using high-resolution cameras. Using powerful AI and ML models to analyse visual data and provide important employees and decision-makers with fast insights, metrics, and defect warnings

Business Intelience

Business Intelligence 

To stay ahead of the competition, use the power of our business intelligence tools to make informed business decisions. We assist you in improving every element of your organisation by offering a clear and tailored picture of business data through predictive analytics, developing performance standards, projecting market trends, and providing additional services.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development 

As a professional app development company, we've been creating world-class mobile apps since the technology's inception. We specialise in creating mobile apps for a number of corporate objectives to fulfil a wide range of company needs.

Web App Development 

Web App Development 

Ombrulla is committed to producing high-quality, best-in-class web apps that fulfil our clients' objectives and expectations. To increase the ROI of your business, our professionals will create web apps employing cutting-edge technology, notably Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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