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Your Trusted AI Partner

Unleash the full potential of your data with our AI services and computer vision expertise


We partner with our customers to solve their business challenges

Artificial intelligence 

Ombrulla works with businesses to develop and execute end-to-end AI / ML solutions that will help them prepare for a brighter future. As an AI Company, our professionals collaborate with your team to develop unique ML models to solve problems, increase productivity, automate processes, and improve customer experience.


Internet of Things 

Ombrulla Industrial IoT (IIoT) Software includes everything you need to set up your IoT infrastructure and manage your devices. Device Agnostic, IoT Network, Cloud Storage, Data Rules, Alerts, Command, Data Analytics, and Visualization were among the features offered by this No-Code IoT Platform.

Computer Vision.png

Computer Vision 

Ombrulla captures video or picture data of production lines, retail outlets, company processes, and individuals using high-resolution cameras. Using powerful AI and ML models to analyse visual data and provide important employees and decision-makers with fast insights, metrics, and defect warnings

Retail Analytics.png

Retail Analytics

Artificial Intelligence based computer vision and retail analytics systems can create value for customers and increase loyalty by providing insights and behavior, thereby helping retailers remain competitive. In addition, the ability of computer vision analysis technology to process large amounts of data in 

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AI Defect Detection

Computer Vision crack and defect detection is a powerful tool that can improve the safety and reliability of products and structures, while also reducing costs and improving inspection efficiency. Our visual inspection systems automate quality inspection. To achieve this, we leverage artificial intelligence to 

Business Intelligence.png

Business Intelligence

Ombrulla is a leading provider of business intelligence and data analytics solutions that help organizations unlock the value of their data. Our expert team uses advanced analytics tools and techniques to transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Our valued customers

Why Ombrulla?

Customer- Driven Approach,
Client-specific Intelligent Solutions

As an AI service provider, we create new solutions with YOU, the consumer, in mind. We understand the obstacles that business leaders face on a daily basis and how to begin a corporate transformation project, much alone one including artificial intelligence. We approach consumers consultatively and serve as valued advisors.

Why Choose Ombrulla

Our Solutions

Compansation Management & Job Profiler

Job grading and job assessment are the first steps in discovering the proper people, compensating them fairly, and assuring their success and pleasure at work. The job profiler supports you in defining job duties as well as the essential talents, backgrounds, and personalities to execute the tasks.

AI - Quality Inspection for Manufacturing 

Our image and video analytics solutions driven by AI/ML are cutting-edge and dependable. Ombrulla's computer vision Quality Inspection solutions perform significantly faster and more accurately, saving industrial enterprises time and money.

Quality Inspection in Manufacturing using AI

With complete visibility into the real-time locations and performance of every assets, your company will be able to increase operational efficiency and ensure people have the tools they need to perform at their best.

PETRAN - AI & IoT Platform for Tracking

Our Asset Management Solution enables our clients to measure asset performance, condition, and productivity parameters via IoT. PETRAN contained a customised dashboard, asset analytics with various metrics, controls, a maintenance registry, alarms, and data exporter tools.

Computer Vision - Facial Recognition 

Facial recognition is one of the most advanced AI applications. It is one of the most sophisticated kinds of biometric authentication, capable of identifying and authenticating a person based on face traits from a database image or video.

What Customer Say About Us

What Customer say about Ombrulla

Ombrulla demonstrates how AI could quickly extract value from our data and show significant economic benefits. Ombrulla comes highly recommended by us and we look forward to collaborating with them on future initiatives.

James Joseph 
Managing Director, Terranz Dubai, UAE

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