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Accelerate your Business
Artificial Intelligence & Data Science


We offer Smarter
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Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

We are an Artificial Intelligence-driven company that works directly with our customers to acquire business insights, identify issues & pain points, and provide intelligent solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget.

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We partner with our customers to solve their business challenges

Artificial intelligence 

Ombrulla collaborates with businesses to create and implement end-to-end AI / ML solutions that prepare them for a brighter future. Our team of experts works with your team to create bespoke machine learning models to solve problems, boost productivity, automate processes, and enhance customer experience.

Automatic data extraction

Ombrulla developed an AI-powered solution with OCR, which automates data extraction from printed and handwritten documents. This will allow organizations to automate various types of documents while using very little resources. Our technology extracts data and sends it to any of your ERP systems using a standard API.

Windows display effectiveness monitoring by Ombrulla

Computer vision retail analytics

Artificial Intelligence based computer vision and retail analytics systems can create value for customers and increase loyalty by providing insights and behavior, thereby helping retailers remain competitive. Processing large amounts of data in real-time can help retailers enhance customer experience.

Business Intelligence 

To remain ahead of the competition, make insightful business decisions with the power of our business intelligence solutions. We help you improve every aspect of your business by providing a clear and customized view of business data with predictive analytics, creating performance standards, forecasting market trends, and other services.

Mobile App Development 

As a professional app-building company, we have been developing world-class mobile applications since the technology's inception. We specialize in developing a mobile app for a variety of corporate purposes to meet diverse business requirements.

Web App Development 

Ombrulla is dedicated to delivering high-quality, best-in-class web applications that meet the needs and expectations of our clients. To improve the ROI of your business, our experts will develop web applications using cutting-edge technologies, specifically Artificial Intelligence technologies such as Machine Learning, Speech Recognition and NLP


Manage, Monitor and Track your assets using IoT and AI

PETRAN's Asset Tracking Software offers both actionable data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities  to help your teams improve asset reliability and operational efficiency.


IoT and AI enabled asset tracking  and auditing solution for Enterprises


People Tracking

Using People Location Tracking you can improve safety and security.


Performance Tracking

 Increasing asset security, availability, and production uptime


Livestock Tracking

PETRAN for Remote Cattle Management and Monitoring

Why Ombrulla?


Driven Approach,
Client-specific Intelligent Solutions

Our innovative solutions are designed with YOU, the customer, in mind. We understand the challenges that business executives confront every day and know how to get started on a corporate transformation project, let alone one using artificial intelligence. We approach customers in a consultative manner and act as trusted advisers.

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