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window display effectiveness monitoring solutions by Ombrulla

Increase Footfall
and Improve Revenue 

by Monitoring the Window Display Effectiveness  

Shop front Customer attention
monitoring to measure the
effectiveness of shop window display 

In every business, knowing your customers is crucial. To stay ahead in a highly competitive business like retail, understanding client preferences and purchase habits is becoming increasingly important. Traditional window display or storefront advertising does not place a high value on analytics. As the demand for effective window displays grows in the retail environment, so does the demand for effective window displays. Window display analytics provides merchants with information that allows them to take proactive steps to increase foot traffic and hence revenue.



Benefits of Shop Window Display Monitoring using
Computer Vision Video Analytics

Expected Financial Benefits by monitoring window display by Ombrulla

Expected Financial Benefits 

  • 15% more customers visited the store after changing the display.

  • Window display analytics help the retailer to make 23% more than the previous season.

  • Well-informed window analytics and customer engagements helped the retailer reduce the in store marketing costs by 13%.

Business Benefits by monitoring window display by Ombrulla

Business Benefits 

  • Measured analysis of the window display to ensure efficiency. 

  • Comparative analysis of various window displays helps the retailer to identify wrong executions.

  • Immediate decision making option to facilitate necessary adjustments to mediocre window displays.

  • Ensure the window display is engaging the intended audience.

  • Analytics data can help the retailer make informed decisions about future window themes.

Features of Computer Vision
Shop Window Display Monitoring

This computer vision analytics solution is used to measure the effectiveness of the window display and help the retailer to increase customer footfall in the store.

  • Effectiveness of Window display.

  • Gives an accurate people count passing front of the store.

  • Percent of overall human attention gained by the window display.

  • The average time taken in customer engagement.

  • Monitor the influence of window display on people and purchasers’ attraction.

  • Surveillance of the facial gestures. 

Better customer engagements by Ombrulla

For Better 
Customer Engagements 

Window Display Effectiveness

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