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The Top 9 New Web Development Trends

Updated: Jan 25

The Top 9 New Web Development Trends

Every year, web development progresses at a dizzying pace. New website technologies emerge on a regular basis as developers look for new ways to innovate. If you run a firm that relies on digital marketing, it's critical to anticipate and adapt to these developments in order to stay competitive and attract more clients.

To make things easier for the web development companies, we've analysed industry developments and compiled a comprehensive list of the most recent web development trends for 2022


Motion UI

Creative website design is another web development trend for this year. Startups with attractively designed applications and websites are more likely to get seen by potential clients. As a result, visual design has become a useful marketing tool.

SASS is simple to use, highly responsive, and adaptable to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, so the motion UI looks great in 2022 and beyond. It's a terrific way to grab customers' attention, and product owners will benefit from it.

Consumers today want richer and more interactive digital experiences in addition to speedier and more mobile-friendly ones.

Motion UI is a front-end framework that allows you to create completely responsive websites and mobile apps, as well as use pre-defined motions in native apps. You may create items slide, spin, bounce, transition, and more using this framework.

It has been widely used since 2018 since it works with all web technologies and can be placed anywhere on a website, including the header, footer, and menus. SASS libraries, on the other hand, have made it more accessible, and it has emerged as one of the top web development trends for 2022.

Dark Mode Standardisation

A dark-themed website makes it easier for users to enjoy web browsing regardless of device due to its visual design pattern. Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are among the companies that have implemented dark mode UI, and many more are expected to follow suit.

The following are some of the benefits of using a dark mode UI:

  • Reduces the amount of blue light.

  • It conserves battery life.

  • Makes UI material accessible and legible to all users.

  • Even in low-light circumstances, it reduces eye strain.

This will become the standard in 2022 and beyond as more site developers include a comparable built-in feature to switch between bright and dark modes. It's possible that it'll become the norm for applications.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

The PWA technology is at the top of our list of web development trends. It's a website-like app with a full-featured native mobile app experience which can speed up the loading of websites and can even be used offline in apps like Google Maps. PWAs have already been used by companies such as Starbucks, Uber, Pinterest, and Twitter to improve user experience. Mobile devices account for 54 percent of global internet traffic. It is critical to convert web applications into PWAs as the use of smartphones and tablets for various online tasks grows. PWAs have other advantages besides providing an unrivalled user experience, such as lower development costs and smooth maintenance for the provider.

The following are some of the benefits that PWA technology has given to organisations and users:

  • Installation without a hiccup

  • reducing device storage and power consumption

  • Expenses for support and development are reduced.

  • Effortless upgrading and upkeep

  • More flexible distribution and a faster time to market

According to Ericsson's estimate, global mobile data traffic would grow 4.4 times to 288 EB monthly in 2027. As a result, people will begin to rely more on their mobile devices to meet their needs. In addition, 5G networks will handle 62% of all mobile data traffic, allowing for more responsive and faster mobile services.

Furthermore, according to Statista, 9% of eCommerce businesses will invest in PWAs in 2021.

AI Chatbots

In 2022, AI chatbots are expected to become even more complicated, including machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval techniques to cater to users' needs and behaviour.

AI-enabled chatbots help improve the customer experience in addition to supporting businesses in executing faster tasks through voice or text interactions. They can collect data, respond to commonly asked inquiries, and resolve other difficulties, allowing customers to have a smooth digital experience with a business.

Many well-known B2C organisations now use AI chatbots to assist their clients. According to Forbes, marketers' use of AI grew by 190 percent between 2018 and 2020, with many of them operating through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Skype rather than traditional chatbots.AI-powered chatbots can amass data in addition to assisting enterprises with speedier operations via text or voice interactions.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google introduced the accelerated mobile page, or AMP, in 2015 with the purpose of providing mobile users with lightning-fast digital experiences. In the realm of web development, it's simply another trend. AMP's purpose is to enhance page performance while keeping users. The technology of PWA and AMP are extremely similar.

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP for short, is a new web design trend that shows how the internet is becoming more user-centric. Despite the fact that we now have 5G internet capabilities and many companies choose to create native apps for a better user experience, the AMP plugin allows businesses to save money on UX while still reaching their target audiences. As a result, we expect to see speciality and smaller items competing with industry heavyweights.

Single-Page Application

Single-page apps (SPAs) are JavaScript-based web applications that load a single HTML page in a visitor's browser and dynamically update content without requiring the page to be refreshed. SPAs use HTML5 and AJAX to make them responsive. The development community, as well as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, have all embraced SPAs.

SPAs take up less server space and provide visitors with more information on a single page without the need to wander around. These advantages make SPAs a win-win situation for both developers and site visitors.

The following are some of the advantages of SPAs:

  • Offline assistance

  • Debugging is simple

  • Navigation is simple

  • The website loads quickly, resulting in a lower bounce rate.

According to studies, SPAs can increase conversion rates by up to 37%, allowing firms to reach their target audience with relevant material. SPAs are ideal for businesses that want to simplify user navigation and increase profits by loading pages quickly.

Optimised Voice Search

Voice search optimization has become one of the top web development trends, based on much research and current market conditions, and it is necessary for a technical SEO plan to stay ahead of the competition.

There are two components to the Web Speech API, which are used to integrate voice search technology into any web application:

  • The text-to-speech component of voice synthesis allows scripts to read written content.

  • Speech recognition recognises the context of a voice and answers to questions.

Consumers are not only utilising smart speakers for voice searches; they're also using their smartphones and IoT devices. As a result, voice search results will start to rank higher and more frequently on search results pages. As a result, in 2022, businesses will focus on optimising their products — as well as their content strategy — for voice search.

API-First Development

Website Developers can complete their duties and push the code at the same time when visitors visit a website using this method. It minimises web development costs and speeds up delivery.

This strategy also allows new websites to serve as content delivery sources. Browsers, smart kiosks, and automobiles can all access a CMS constructed this way.

The following are some prominent advantages of API-first development:

  • increased adaptability

  • Reduced time to market.

  • Reduced development costs.

  • Improved client satisfaction.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless technology has emerged as a result of the search for technology that can assist reduce system overloading, data loss, and development costs.

According to Flexera's State of the Cloud Report, 99 percent of businesses use one or more private or public clouds. It demonstrates that cloud architecture will be a major web development trend in the future.

Serverless computing has a number of appealing features:

  • Cost - effectiveness

  • Accelerated time-to-market

  • Enhanced scalability

  • scheduled upkeep

Serverless architecture is based on cloud technology and allows users to run code for nearly any form of application or backend service with no management. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are some of the most well-known corporations that use and offer serverless architecture.

What is the Future of Web Development?

In the year 2023, there will be significant developments in the field of website development. These trends will have an impact on how web experiences are optimised for mobile and smart wearables in the future. Keeping up with these trends can ensure that your website continues to attract and please your visitors. Embracing them can provide you a competitive advantage and help you expand your business.

Ombrulla provides companies in the Middle East and India with world-class web development services. To provide best-in-class services, our skilled teams of web developers stay on top of the latest developments. If you want to learn more about how to incorporate these trends into your website development project, contact our experts immediately.

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