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Power BI sevices by Ombrulla

Transform your business data
into insightful and interactive dashboards

Ombrulla  can help your organization with Power BI Service to start spotting trends, monitoring the health of your business with the integration of Microsoft Power BI to your business to make faster, easier and data-driven insightful decisions.

The world is now data driven and rich with data. Business Intelligence has revolutionized by data and its interpretation. In a digital world and the arrival of new technology like Internet of Things (IoT), what we do and everything is recorded and stored somewhere. Big and small companies, in conventional and non-conventional sectors, are using data to understand their customers better. Data will help these companies to segment, better target and improve customer experience. Companies can gain insight by analyzing data which will help the companies to identify new growth areas and product opportunities, make better human resource decisions, more effective budgets, streamline costs and increase operating margins.
Ombrulla will empower your organization, the way you visualize and analyses data. With our Power BI Services you will get complete visibility of your business health. Ombrulla’s Power BI Developers will facilitate you to predict business trends much early and enable the organization to take informed decisions and head off potential issues. 

Power BI Service Ombrulla offered 

Our powerful Data Analytics solution and Visulalisation tool will make your Business more Intelligent

Power BI Consulting

Our Power BI specialists will walk you through the full experience, from building a strategy to devising a data plan to evaluating and implementing a contemporary BI platform for your organisation.

Power BI Customisation

We offer full-spectrum bespoke Power BI dashboards and reporting services to assist you gain a multi-faceted perspective of your company's data across the business ecosystem. We also build customised images and pieces for different roles and departments inside the organisation.

Power BI Implementation

Our experts will assist you in maximising the value of Power BI, allowing you to swiftly dig into advanced analytics for more insight. Predicting consequences and averting asset/operational failures may be simple and rapid. Our Certified Microsoft Power BI specialist will apply BI techniques, exposing key trends and previously undiscovered connections that are displayed in spectacular graphics to enable data-driven choices.

Power BI Advanced Analytics

Our data science team can assist you in using advanced analytics with Power BI by integrating R and Python scripts. This gives you machine learning skills in a visual format for better data use.

Power BI Dashboard

You will be able to make quick and wise business choices thanks to customizable dashboards and interactive reports created by our BI professionals.

Power BI Embedded

Get amazing graphics, dashboards, and reports across all of your current apps or websites with Power BI embedded services. Simple data navigation enables businesspeople to make quick and educated decisions.

Power BI Proof of Concept Program

Our Power BI proof of concept (POC) programme is tailored to each organization's needs and includes of consultation and training. This Power BI Proof of Concept is designed to provide businesses with a fully working solution that can be used to show the practicality and benefits of implementing Microsoft Power BI as an enterprise-level reporting tool.

POC deliverables 

  • Prepare and agree on comprehensive specifications.

  • Prepare and distribute a proof-of-concept strategy.

  • Determine data sources and assess data readiness.

  • Preparing sample data for visualisation.

  • Create engaging dashboards and interactive reports.

OUR Power BI Implementations 

Hospital Dashboard and Analytics 

Hospital Dashboard and Analytics by Ombrulla using Power BI

Retail Dashboard and Analytics 

Retail Dashboard and Analytics by Ombrulla using Power BI
microsoft Power BI logo used by Ombrulla

Paving the Way to a Growing Business

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