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Mobile App Development by Ombrulla

We shape your ideas and reinforce your business by
Developing Mobile App

We design Mobile Apps, that help your business to grow in an exponential way.

We have been developing world-class mobile applications as a professional app building company since the technology's inception. Our engineers create compiled NLP (Natural Language Processing) apps that provide a smooth interactive experience. We specialise in developing mobile app for a variety of corporate purposes. To meet the diverse business demands of startups and corporations, our engineers have built a variety of Artificial intelligence based mobile apps.


Why Choose OMBRULLA as your future App Developer

Data Security 

We adhere to strict coding standards and use data encryption in mobile apps.

Screen Size

App layouts are adaptable to any device with a variable screen size and aspect ratio.

UX/UI Design

Our well-crafted mobile app designs aid in increasing user engagement in the application.

IoT Ready

We investigate the possibilities of IOT for controlling smart devices with smart phones.

Unique Ideas

We create mobile apps with unique modules to meet all of our clients' needs.

Cloud Integration

It is a game changer since it        improved connection, dependability, and security.


 The mobile app we created can be scaled to any size in the future.

Multi Language

We develop mobile applications that support different languages


Iphone App Development by Ombrulla UK


We develop innovative and customised iOS applications for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV for your business requirements. As an iOS mobile app developer UK, we ensure future rich app building for top enterprises and startups across the globe. Ombrulla is the right destination for your next generation iOS app developing  with state-of-the-art technology.


Ombrulla’s  experienced Android app development and dedicated to building advanced and cutting-edge Android applications that run effortlessly on multiple Android devices. Our Full stack developers use the latest tools and technologies to deliver feature-rich, high performance Android applications.

Android App Development by Ombrulla UK
Progressive web development by Ombrull UK


We develop progressive web development  for both mobile and the web which is beneficial in terms of ease of development and distribution. This method can reduce the cost drastically. This type of application helps the startup with test marketing or develop a minimum viable product.


Develop top-notch custom mobile applications with the latest hybrid technologies that run smoothly on multiple platforms. Our cross platform mobile application works on both the iOS and Android platforms with a user-friendly interface to engage customers effectively across a range of industries.

Hybrid App Development by Ombrulla UK

Ombrulla's Mobile app development process

Our designers employ successful UI trends to create apps that are not only visually appealing but also intuitive and consistent. Our apps not only meet the demands of our clients, but they are also simple and user-friendly. We work with customers to assess their needs in order to understand thefunctions that will be added into the app. This method allows us to create adevelopment strategy and turn the client's ideas into an efficient and usable app. We create a rough sketch of what the mobile app would look like.This produces a notion for the app's look and feel, and we evaluate how people react to the UI and UX ideas. We have a team of professionals in Native, Hybrid, and Cross-Platform app development who use languages like React, Flutter, Kotlin, PhoneGap, Ionic,Node js and Xamarin to create high-quality mobile apps for various operating systems. 02 UI/UX Design Prototype 03 App Development 04 Requirement Gathering 01 When we launch our apps on multiple app stores where prospective customers mayreadily find them, we adhere to best practises. Our Developers thoroughly test each app to guarantee that it provides an outstandinguser experience and meets the needs of our clients. Our development team's appsare bug-free because they go through a number of tests before deployment. All digital solutions may be improved. The deployment of an app is notthe end of the process. We collaborate with our clients to provideafter-deploymentmaintenance and support. 06 Deployment Support & Maintenance 07 Quality Assurance 05
Mobile Camera

AI Mobile App Development Can Help You Grow Your Business Faster

Technologies we used for mobile app development

Flutter Logo used by Ombrulla

Advantages of Flutter Mobile App Development

Xamarin logo used by Ombrulla

Xamarin Mobile App Development Services 


  • How might computer vision be enhanced using machine learning and AI models?
    The creation of feature detectors, a task for computer vision, traditionally required human labour. Machine learning, and more specifically deep learning, can train these feature detectors automatically and more accurately than humans with the use of enormous data sets of annotated images or videos.
  • What applications do image and video analytics have in the Retail sector?
    Modern algorithms can identify faces and assess people's important details like gender and age. Additionally, these systems may monitor how customers move throughout establishments and examine directional data to identify walking patterns. Retailers can now find the optimal location for things to be placed in order to maximize sales and enhance customer experience by including the detection of direction of gaze. This will allow them to determine how long a client looks at a particular product. Creating anti-theft systems is another wonderful application for video analytics. Face recognition algorithms, for instance, can be trained to identify known shoplifters or to detect someone hiding anything in their backpack in real time.
  • How are image and video analytics used in the field of security?
    Real-time identification of individuals and cars can be done with the use of licence plate recognition (LPR) and facial recognition technologies. For example, it is feasible to look for a suspect both in live video and recorded video, or to identify authorised individuals and allow access to a secured location. Modern video analysis systems may significantly improve security in settings like malls, hospitals, stadiums, and airports. These systems can send out warnings when a threshold is achieved or exceeded and can estimate the number of people present in real time. They can also look at the movement of the crowd to spot any undesirable or forbidden movement.
  • Why Ombrulla - Top image and video analytics partner ?
    A broad range of products and services using cutting-edge technology, resulting in a strategic and competitive advantage Expertise in building and deploying intelligence solutions that brings a competitive advantage to the business that is unrivalled in the industry. Data science, artificial intelligence, image and video analytics, text analytics, predictive analytics, recommendation engines, and visualisation are all used in this project. Ombrulla is capable to tackle any data-driven challenge, it may be easily linked with other mission-critical corporate applications and platforms. Unparalleled quality, scalability, and performance standards provide extraordinary value, transforming businesses to the next level of insight and action. From consultation to full-cycle software development, we provide end-to-end services.
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