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Kiosk Monitoring from Ombrulla

For Better 
Customer Engagements
Kiosk & Shop Monitoring

Ombrulla provides an AI/ML-based video and image analytics solution to monitor Kiosk and outlet activity based on company needs, using computer vision video analytics. The administrator will add employee information to the recommended application. During operating hours, the programme uses the video feed to identify and authenticate the presence of the employee at the Kiosk. The programme may also capture consumer involvement via the camera and give extensive information and analysis, such as the number of customers visited and the length of their visits, among other things.

Business advantages of Kiosk & Shop monitoring

Monitor employee and customer engagement at Kiosks & Outlet at various shopping malls and commercial areas

  • Ensure the presence and engagement of sales executives (employees) at the kiosk during operational hours

  • Detailed performance analysis of employees on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

  • Employees’ customer engagement reports

  • Customer engagement & visit reports within and between kiosks

  • Notifications and alerts to the administrator based on requirements

business advantages by monitoring kiosk & outlets by Ombrulla

Enhance your business using Computer Vision
based Kiosk monitoring and Shop monitoring


  • Offers real-time monitoring with high accuracy.

  • Efficient in terms of hardware requirements.

  • Timely alerts will be sent to the supervisor/manager’s devices if a particular executive is absent from a Kiosk for more than a set period of time.

  • Pictures (recorded evidence) can be sent to the manager in case of pre-defined issues at a Kiosk, like an employee's absence, not attending to a customer on time, etc…

  • Offers customer engagement data (customers’ visit counts, duration of stay at the Kiosk) to improve the customer touchpoints.

  • Reports on rich & lean hours for efficient location of employees.

Better Customer Engagements by Ombrulla

For Better 
Customer Engagements 

Computer Vision & Analytics

Mobile Application

Outlet & Kiosk Monitoring Solutions sample screen 1 by Ombrulla
Outlet & Kiosk Monitoring Solutions sample screen 2 by Ombrulla
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