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The first step in finding the right talent, paying them fairly, and ensuring their success and happiness at work is job grading and job evaluation. The job profiler assists you in determining the tasks that are involved in jobs as well as the necessary abilities, backgrounds, and personalities to complete the tasks. Additionally, it enables you to work with hiring managers to polish JDs and assess jobs to create job hierarchies. On any device, you can instantly access the job library and keep track of revisions. The job profiler is well-researched and based on tried-and-true techniques.

Job Profiler

What customers say about us 

The power of clarity is so impressive. This makes every HR Practitioner a compensation expert while helping supervisors to make right pay recommendations 

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What customers say about us 

6 Steps for
Job Evaluation  
Quickly and Collaboratively

6 Steps for Job Evaluation   Quickly and Collaboratively

Job Grading Directly Impacts

  • Hiring

  • Training

  • Performance Management

  • Career Progression

  • Competency Mapping

  • Succession Planning

  • Compensation

  • Benefits Design

  • Equal Pay Compliance

  • Organization (re)Design

  • Risk Management

  • Cost Optimization

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