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AI facial Recognition  

The Benefits of AI Facial Recognition

One of the most popular uses of AI is facial detection. The practice of recognizing or confirming a person's identification by their face is known as facial recognition. It records patterns based on a person's facial characteristics, analyses them, and compares the results. It is one of the most sophisticated types of biometric authentication that can recognize and confirm a person by looking at facial features in a photo or video pulled from a database.

How Does Facial Detection Work?

AI and ML algorithms are used in face recognition to identify human faces in the backdrop. Usually, the algorithm looks for human eyes first, then for brows, nose, mouth, nostrils, and iris. After all the facial features have been recorded, further verifications utilising sizable datasets with both positive and negative photos help to validate that the image is indeed of a human face. Facial recognition methods that are frequently employed include feature-based, appearance-based, knowledge-based, and template matching.

How Does Facial Detection Work?

Learn how Computer Vision Facial Recognition
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Our Approach 

Face Recognition-Our Approach 

Industries, where Facial Recognition is used

Health care

AI and computer vision are integrated to support pain management processes and monitor patient medication use.


On mobile devices, deep learning algorithms are reducing the need for standard passwords, enhancing fraud detection, and enhancing anti-spoofing capabilities.

Airport boarding

The airports have started employing "smart gates," which combine facial recognition and liveliness checks, to speed up the process.


Through the use of webcam surveillance, certain proctor services employ AI solutions to find and record questionable conduct. Then, using live proctors, those events can be analysed and put into context.

Use Cases of AI Face Recognition 

Kiosk and employee monitoring by Ombrulla


Keep track of employee and consumer involvement at Kiosks in various retail malls and commercial places. Ensure that sales executives are present and engaged at the kiosk throughout operating hours.

window display effectiveness by Ombrulla


The storefront Customer attention monitoring is used to assess the efficacy of window displays. This solution is used to assess the efficiency of the window display and assist the business in increasing client traffic in the store.

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