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Transform your business with
Computer Vision and Video Analytics

From computer vision to actionable insights

AI/ML-based software solutions from Ombrulla are capable of real-time image and video analytics with outstanding accuracy. Our Artificial Intelligence powered image analytics & video analytics solutions are cutting-edge and dependable, and they can solve a wide range of industrial and commercial problems.

Benefits of our image and video analytics 

Identifying Objects with Accuracy

By correctly detecting items in photos and videos, you can gain useful information. AI can add value in a variety of ways, from real-time surveillance at events to determining if things are in the appropriate spot in shopping aisles.

Insights from Image Segmentation

Place picture objects into suitable parts to create in-depth analysis. Insurers may use AI-based algorithms to assess house and car damage and develop more accurate claims for clients.

Identify actions and events to improve your experiences.

Recognize consumer activities from video, both in-store and in real-time, to gain a better understanding of their behaviour. To improve customer experiences, AI can help reveal how customers interact with products and brands.

Get Real-Time Visual Insights

Get instant insights so you can act when it matters most. Real-time processing is enabled by AI algorithms for a variety of useful applications, such as face recognition.

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how image and video analytics can help your business.

Industries where Image and Video analytics are applicable


  • Press shop inspection: Scratch, dents, cracks, staining

  • Body shop welding: Seam inspection

  • Foundry Inspection: Engine block cracks, deformation, anomaly

  • Paint surface inspection

Food Industry

  • Quality check: Analyse shape, color and texture.

  • Packaging: Verification of fill level and package labelling.

  • Measuring, counting and sorting

  • Foreign Object Detection


  • Counting the number of pills in each bottle.

  • Pharmaceutical Bottle-packaging Detection.

  • Validating barcodes and product information on labels.

  • Automated Visual Inspection for Blister Packaging.

Security and Surveillance

  • Face Recognition

  • Access control

  • Crowd Detection

  • Behavior Detection

  • Intrusion detection


  • PCB missing components

  • Product surface check

  • PCB soldering and gluing

Others / Industrial

  • Packaging and label

  • Metal and plastic welding seam inspection

  • Fabrics inspection

  • Surface inspection

Use cases of Computer Vision

OMBRULLA's AI-powered image and video analytics solutions work methodically to ensure the accuracy of results and transform your business.

Employee Identification & Monitoring 

Employee Identification
& Monitoring 

A lunch break should be no more than 45 minutes long. Employees should have been there until 6 p.m., and if they leave 20 minutes early, they should be reminded in accordance with employee adherence metrics. Similarly, the nurse should constantly be near the ICU; facial recognition can detect her absence.

Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Facial recognition are a highly cost-effective way to augment security with new detection capabilities, reduce staffing requirements by directing attention to key events.

Number plate reading
& recognition 

Automatic License Plate Recognition - ALPR is an Ombrulla's video analytic that scans licence plates and other vehicle marks and seamlessly incorporates the information into the site's security and operational operations.

Number plate reading & recognition

Retailers are utilising coputer vision to enable speedier checkouts, manage inventory, and decrease loss to make their operations more efficient and lucrative, using data from cameras and sensors. Stakeholders, managers, and salespeople all need to see and understand customer behavioral data, thus customer analytics is critical. 

Retail Analytics
OCR- Automatics Data extraction from documents 

OCR- Automatics
Data extraction from documents 

Although inspecting flaws visually is a labor-intensive and highly manual procedure spreading out into one or more phases, it is often prone to mistakes. Our computer vision AI solution automates visual inspection tasks that detect product defects.

Student & Teacher Monitoring 

Student & Teacher

Monitoring and analysing automatic learning feedback is becoming increasingly important in modern education. Ombrulla offers a facial recognition system that can monitor and provide feedback to the teacher on in-class student learning habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How might computer vision be enhanced using machine learning and AI models?
    The creation of feature detectors, a task for computer vision, traditionally required human labour. Machine learning, and more specifically deep learning, can train these feature detectors automatically and more accurately than humans with the use of enormous data sets of annotated images or videos.
  • What applications do image and video analytics have in the Retail sector?
    Modern algorithms can identify faces and assess people's important details like gender and age. Additionally, these systems may monitor how customers move throughout establishments and examine directional data to identify walking patterns. Retailers can now find the optimal location for things to be placed in order to maximize sales and enhance customer experience by including the detection of direction of gaze. This will allow them to determine how long a client looks at a particular product. Creating anti-theft systems is another wonderful application for video analytics. Face recognition algorithms, for instance, can be trained to identify known shoplifters or to detect someone hiding anything in their backpack in real time.
  • How are image and video analytics used in the field of security?
    Real-time identification of individuals and cars can be done with the use of licence plate recognition (LPR) and facial recognition technologies. For example, it is feasible to look for a suspect both in live video and recorded video, or to identify authorised individuals and allow access to a secured location. Modern video analysis systems may significantly improve security in settings like malls, hospitals, stadiums, and airports. These systems can send out warnings when a threshold is achieved or exceeded and can estimate the number of people present in real time. They can also look at the movement of the crowd to spot any undesirable or forbidden movement.
  • Why Ombrulla - Top image and video analytics partner ?
    A broad range of products and services using cutting-edge technology, resulting in a strategic and competitive advantage Expertise in building and deploying intelligence solutions that brings a competitive advantage to the business that is unrivalled in the industry. Data science, artificial intelligence, image and video analytics, text analytics, predictive analytics, recommendation engines, and visualisation are all used in this project. Ombrulla is capable to tackle any data-driven challenge, it may be easily linked with other mission-critical corporate applications and platforms. Unparalleled quality, scalability, and performance standards provide extraordinary value, transforming businesses to the next level of insight and action. From consultation to full-cycle software development, we provide end-to-end services.
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