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Case Studies

Ombrulla distinguishes itself from the competition by providing solutions that use AI/ML in novel ways to tackle real-world business challenges. Rather of forcing data to fit into pre-defined data models, we use industry-proven, artificial intelligence and machine learning models in the cloud and on-premises to give maximum predictability from accessible data at any level of time. Developed in Python, Tensorflow, and the most recent platforms, our solutions provide accuracy at scale, pushing the frontiers of AI/ML to generate genuinely creative and disruptive outcomes.

sCHOOL Bus 1_edited.png


School Bus Route Optimisation

Built a solution that decreased transportation costs by 40%. On average, decreased student bus time by 15 minutes.


Auto Archive Port Documents 

56% time reduced in information extraction and splitting procedure. Searchable documents made it easier for downstream tasks

Port Operation Made easy by Ombrulla using Artificial Intelligence.png


RMC Delivery Optimisation

Order fulfillment increased by 18% with existing resources. On demand automated resource planning done in minutes.


Sales Forecast for Steel Plants

Monthly forecast improved from existing 60% to 70%-75%. Significant benefits derived in Inventory optimization and order fulfillment rate.

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