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Business Intelligence & Consultancy- Ombrulla

Enhance your decision making

with Business Intelligence & BI Platform

At a competitive cost, we enable organizations to analyze data and enhance performance by up to 200 times more effectively than they could before.

Ombrulla is a leading business intelligence company highly skilled in business intelligence, and business analytics, including data Specialists with extensive and growing experience in BI technologies such as data integration, data warehousing, real-time analytics, data governance & MDM, dashboards, BI Platforms and mobile applications. As one of the best business intelligence firms, our BI, Business Analytics Consultants have worked with teams from a variety of sectors to improve business evaluation and reporting for superior business information.

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Informed Decision Making for Excellence in Sales

Companies can make informed decisions when approaching an important strategic milestone.

Improved Bottom line for excellence in Profitability

Companies can gain significant financial benefits by analyzing  operational and financial data.

Optimized Process and Operation for excellence in Efficiency

Companies can Business intelligence & analytics can be used to fine tune the business process informed decisions when approaching an important strategic milestone.

Get 360º View of your business

How to build a data driven enterprise 

With business intelligence, enterprise can unleash the potential of data, develop breakthrough insights, streamline processes, and increase your ROI.

Insightful Decision Making 

By harnessing your company data, you can make informed, data-driven decisions. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by making the best decisions in the least amount of time. Empower your staff with sophisticated business analytics to enhance day-to-day operations through fact-based decision-making. Increase your income and consumer base by reducing the time to make decisions with simple analytics.

Customizable and Self Service 

With our easy data analytics and business intelligence, you can experience agile reporting and analysis. Give your staff the ability to use self-service analytics and empower data-driven decision-making across the organization. Deeper questions should be asked, patterns identified, outliers recognized, and procedures optimized. Drag and drop, dig down and up, slice and dice your data to uncover performance-boosting insights.

Business Intelligence on Mobile

Access business information from anywhere, at any time. Complete a 360-degree study of your organization immediately from your mobile device. Check the state of your business and obtain real-time insights to make timely choices. Create, discover, collaborate, be productive, and stay on top of your company even while you are out and on the go.

Powerful Visualisation

Data visualization, as one of the critical processes in the business intelligence process, takes raw data, models it, and distributes it so conclusions can be drawn. Stakeholders, company owners, and decision-makers may better estimate sales volumes and future growth when data is shown. Power BI Service offers powerful visualization.



Customer Segmentation

Build the right strategies for each customer segment

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Uplift Modeling

Plan targeted promotions to improve sales

Customer churn predection_edited_edited.

Customer Churn Prediction

Understanding what actions to take to retain a customer


Customer Sentiment Analysis

Understand customer’s response to your products or services


Recommendation Engine

Understand customer’s preference at an individual level

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Demand Forecasting

Manage your inventory, keep costs low

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Microsoft Power BI Services


Leading Business Intelligent Platform 

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