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AI driven solution to extract data from printed text and handwritten documents

AI-powered solution with OCR, automates data extraction from printed text and handwritten documents.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a type of Artificial Intelligence that reads or recognises text from scanned images, PDFs, files, and other documents, as well as videos and audio. This technology represents a significant advancement in optical science and automation.

Ombrulla developed an AI-powered system that combined OCR technology with printed and handwritten documents to automate data extraction. This will allow organisations to automate various types of documents while using very little resources. Our technology extracts data and sends it to any of your ERP systems using a standard API.

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Save Money & Time

No more repetitive & time consuming manual entries

Convert Paper Document to Searchable Data

Digitise your corporate content to unlock the power of data

Easy Integration & Setup to the Current System

Easy integration with your environment through Rest APIs

Achieve Very High Level of Data Accuracy

Erroneous data entry is eliminated, thus smooth transactions


Eliminating manual entry will provide a cost advantage.

Working of Automatics Data Extraction by Ombrulla UK

Do you want to increase your productivity by using electronic documents?

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