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AI & IoT Enabled
Asset Tracking Software

Gain Visibility, Improve Reliability and Profitability 

Gain real-time insight into where your organization's most essential assets are and how they are doing at all times. Most businesses rely on asset tracking software  such as Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS), IoT and AI to manage expensive equipment, machinery, electronic devices, and other assets in order to improve operations and boost profits.

AI & IoT enabled asset tracking software allow you to effortlessly manage, track, monitor and protect all critical assets, as well as regulate how and when they are utilised and who has access to them. Your firm will be able to boost operational efficiency and ensure personnel have the tools they need to perform at their best with total insight into the real-time locations  and performance of all your assets.

Why Asset Tracking Software 

Asset tracking is a technique that your company can use to keep better track of own important tools and equipment.

Discover Real-Time Data Insights

To make quicker, wiser business choices, extract and evaluate real-time information from a number of sources.

Locate and Identify Misplaced Assets

Misplaced equipment and inventory theft cost organisations a lot of money. While lost assets may not appear to be as costly as stolen equipment, the hours spent hunting for missing goods, disruption to business, and employee discontent are all hidden costs.
There are several tagging choices available, ranging from low-profile asset tags for tiny things to robust, IECEx/ATEX-certified RFID technology and tags for hazardous and outdoor situations. For operators working with equipment in distant, off-the-grid settings, solar-powered tags and entirely wireless RFID systems are a possibility.

Enhance Inventory Management

Asset inventory, as the name implies, is concerned with maintaining an up-to-date inventory of your company's assets. Asset inventory management is a component of an asset management strategy that seeks to accomplish multiple goals.  Make a centralised repository for all assets. The corporation want to monitor or  keep track of the assets physical location . Monitor asset utilisation.  Keep track of asset performance. Monitor the asset's status.   Follow the asset throughout its existence 

Integrate with Third Party Systems

ERP integration entails synchronising ERP with other software programmes such as front-end software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and so on.Real-time asset tracking solutions interact with ERP, MES, enterprise asset management, and other systems to assist businesses in achieving complete asset flow transparency, optimising asset use, and increasing ROI.

IOT Enabled

IoT asset tracking offers an automated, remotely managed, and linked way of monitoring and controlling geo-position and movement aspects of an asset's life cycle and operation using sensors, connected devices, and sophisticated data analytics.

Asset Performance Management, abbreviated APM, continually and in real time monitors assets to identify, diagnose, and prioritise imminent equipment faults. APM enables businesses to support their business objectives by reducing unexpected downtime, preventing equipment failures, lowering maintenance costs, increasing asset utilisation, extending equipment life, and identifying underperforming assets.

Our complete array of Asset Performance Management solutions, together with our deep subject experience, has resulted in proven success with customers all over the world.


You can make better and faster decisions when you have complete visibility into your operations at your fingertips. PETRAN's Asset Tracking Software offers both actionable data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities  to help your teams improve asset reliability and operational efficiency.

How Asset Tracking Software works 

How Asset Tracking Software works by Ombrulla - Petran

Remote Asset Tracking Functionalities 

Centralised Asset Monitoring

Centralized Asset Monitoring

Regardless of asset location, our solution allows for the monitoring of remote sites such as manufacturing plants, facilities, cell tower sites, and so on through a centralised location with anytime, anywhere access via a single dashboard that tracks and analyses various asset performance parameters.

Asset Performance Monitoring

Asset performance Management

By monitoring aspects such as condition, cost, performance, and remaining asset life, our system increases insight into the health and condition of assets and reduces downtime. Our system also aids in the optimization of preventive maintenance, the performance of root cause analysis, the reduction of asset risks, and the reporting of asset KPIs.

Asset Workflow monitoring by Ombrulla

Asset Workflow Automation

Remove manual processes, improve correctness and consistency in your company operations, link people, data, and systems for better collaboration, and create workflows that auto-complete a series of actions.

Real time monitoring & alerting by Ombrulla

Real-time Monitoring & Alerting

Customized real-time alerting for both mobile and stationary assets allows the company to get unique visibility into the assets. Our system also enables you to proactively manage any variations or deviations, decrease risks and expenses, and boost efficiency and profitability.

Predictive mainatance by Ombrulla

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent malfunctions and minimise wasteful asset maintenance with a predictive just-in-time maintenance strategy, boosting asset dependability, lowering parts and labour costs, and decreasing asset outages.

Advanced Reporting by Ombrulla

Advanced Reporting

Customized reports suited to your assets/sites, provided in the format you want. Comparison reports, asset performance reports, asset run hours reports, and other reports may be auto-generated at predetermined intervals to assist you in making data-driven choices and achieving your organization's goals.


We live in a fast-paced world with considerable technical breakthroughs, particularly in business. To compete advantageously in this period, each firm must be more innovative, competitive, and efficient. However, even as businesses become more inventive, conserving resources should remain their primary goal.

As a result, there is an increase in the use of interior navigation or indoor tracking technologies paired with various automation possibilities. This technology is gaining popularity year after year and is poised to become a major trend in business and government in the near future.

This expansion is also fueled by the fact that individuals spend 93 percent of their time inside. It may be found in warehouses, retail malls, homes, corporate premises, offices, and a variety of other locations where Global positioning system technology is necessary.

Bluetooth can provide accuracy and capabilities comparable to the most popular options on the market. More importantly, BLE has shown to be considerably more inexpensive and simple to implement. As a result, beacons can enable cutting-edge use cases with less effort and waste.

Bluetooth 5.0 logo used by Ombrulla

With the recent introduction of Bluetooth 5, the asset tracking community now has unparalleled access to power. Bluetooth 5 claims four times the range and twice the speed of its  preceding model's.  It has also been raised by 800%.
advertisement capability As a result of these advancements, there will be significant changes for both developers and end users.

Low cost BLE beacon by Ombrulla

Low Cost

Build a Real-Time Location System for one-fifth the price of competitive positioning technologies like active RFID or WiFi.

RTLS system by Ombrulla

Your Platform

There will be no sharing of a public platform. We provide an RTLS system for your exclusive usage.

Financial Scalability for Tracking by Ombrulla

Financial Scalability

Running expenses are independent of the number of items tracked or how frequently they update their position.

Why BLE Beacons 

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Real Time Asset Tracking solution to gain visibility in to your valuable Assets and  improve Return of Investment. 

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