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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Powered Business Intelligence Platforms

Updated: Jan 20

Business intelligence and Predictive Analytics is critical to the growth and evolution of modern businesses, and with to artificial intelligence (AI), these tools are becoming increasingly smarter and simpler to use, with a variety of AI-powered BI platforms to pick from.

We've narrowed it down to the top ten Artificial Intelligence-driven Business Intelligence and Predictive analytics solutions, starting with number one.

We've narrowed it down to the top ten Artificial Intelligence-driven Business Intelligence solutions, starting with number one

1. Looker

Looker has been integrated into the Google Cloud environment. Empowers businesses to achieve greater business results by providing smart data-driven experiences. The looker platform assists businesses in bringing data from their backend systems together to create more powerful integrated insights. Looker's contemporary approach to bi and analytics includes features like multi-cloud access and machine learning.

2. ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot is a search engine that also offers artificial intelligence-driven analytics.

ThoughtSpot claims to make the process of making difficult business decisions easier. ThoughtSpot allows anybody to obtain actionable insights from their corporate data in a matter of seconds. A comprehensive search solution is also offered, which assists in data analysis and the delivery of automated insights when and where organisations need them the most.


ATSCALE is dedicated to assisting businesses in overcoming common operational issues. ATSCALE is a cloud-based enterprise analytics platform. Companies may use ATSCALE to have access to a secure single workspace for dispersed data. You may decrease repetitive data management and engineering activities with its autonomous data engineering. The universal semantic layer also ensures that KPI reporting is secure and consistent..

4. Domo

Domo's platform is regarded as the next generation of business intelligence. Companies can get more information out of their bi investments and built-in cloud environments by using a native cloud-based bi platform. Business executives may get important insights in minutes and shed light on previously dark data segments using domo.

5. Qlik

We've got Qlik a key player in the cloud computing and BI arena.

Qlik makes a great contender for businesses looking to accelerate their performance with data. Their end-to-end multi-cloud solution bridges the gaps between insight action and data. Helping businesses accomplish more. Qlik is also notable for regularly making moves into the world of machine learning and automation.

6. SAP Hana

Sap's In-Memory Database Solution is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking for a dependable approach to leverage the power of their in-memory database.

The use of real-time collective insights in the business landscape is central to SAP's vision for bi and analytics. This is exactly what SAP Hana provides by providing operational data access.

7. Data Robot

The objective of the data robot is to empower the human heroes of the intelligence revolution, which they do through their end-to-end business intelligence platform. The data robots service automates and speeds every stage of your data-to-value journey, and it's a tool that all key stakeholders should have in their toolbox.

8. Salesforce Einstein analytics

When it comes to accessing automated analytics, the Salesforce Einstein engine is thought to offer one of the most powerful sets of capabilities. Indeed, the firm often invests in new technologies to enhance the capabilities of its cloud-based products, so it's no wonder that it's a bi and AI team leader today.

9. Answer Rocket

At the heart of the Answer Rocket is a strong artificial intelligence. Answer rocket provides you with the most advanced Business Intelligence and analytics tools available. Their platform enables businesses to democratise data and analytics in a safe and scalable manner, while also integrating with current data infrastructure and particular corporate requirements. As a result, you'll be able to start enjoying the platform's advantages right now.

10. Omni-sci

Omni-Sci has had enough of the headaches that traditional analytics solutions may cause. Through its open platform, Omni -sci is bringing a new era of rapid business analytics to its customers. Omni- sci, in example, unifies analytics, data science, and location intelligence procedures, allowing organisations to break through data silos.

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