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AI Consulting & Services 

Boost your business with end-to-end AI and ML solutions

With our AI services, reorganize and restructure your data, mine insights, and build predictive analytics that can redefine the way your business operates. Our experts can assist you in implementing AI & ML models to automate internal operations, provide personalized customer experiences, and implement technologies that will transform the way customers interact with you.

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Our AI Development capabilities

Machine Learning

 We help businesses in extracting patterns and behaviors from large amounts of operational data. Your information systems can think and forecast outcomes on their own with the aid of our machine learning technologies. Route optimization, retail video analytics, and other solutions are a few of our well-liked offerings. We thoroughly examine each situation and choose the most appropriate,  proprietary, and unique tools.

Deep Learning

Create frameworks for business technologies that are cognitive and think like the human brain using deep learning. We enable your computer to replicate human brain functions by using multi-layered Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to perceive complicated and non-linear situations and respond to them as people would. Advanced facial and speech recognition systems, consumer behaviour analysis, and other services are among our specialties.

Predictive Analytics

Using the most accurate forecast of future events, predictive analytics benefits your company. On the basis of the existing historical data, it determines the likelihood of future events using statistical methods, and machine learning. Many businesses have benefited from our experience in predictive analytics solutions, which have helped them increase sales, identify fraud, improve operations, and optimise marketing efforts.

AI Conversational Tools

Our cutting-edge AI capabilities have been used for the development of intelligent conversational solutions enabling businesses to automatically respond to client enquiries without the need for human participation. Our chatbots provide clients with contextually intelligent answers by assessing customer enquiries, reviewing prior logs of successfully resolved customer enquiries, and looking at other crucial consumer characteristics. 

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation has advanced to the next stage in automating repetitive tasks with great precision and efficiency due to improvements in AI technology. Our knowledge of work automation has assisted a number of companies and organizations in lowering their need for labour, which has led to improved profit margins. Automated number plate detection and automatic invoice reading are just two examples of work automation.

Video, Image and Text Analytics

Ombrulla’s image, video, and text analytics tools assist your company by completing analysis tasks that take weeks to finish, in a short time. Our computer vision expertise has assisted a number of enterprises and organizations in lowering their labor and time needs, which has resulted in improved profit margins. We have developed integrated real-time video analytics of customer interactions with the window display.

How Ombrulla implements AI in your company.

Our team of experts based on a detailed interview with customers prepare a  hypothetical business case that will be validated with the existing process of the organization. In the stages that follow, we clearly define the problem, set basic assumptions about the project, and ensure that the customer is satisfied in terms of quality as well as specific return on investment (ROI) ie, measurable profits, and benefits.



Understanding business problems and customer expectations.



Builds and verifies the business case and AI/ML model



Implementation and maintenance.

Our AI solutions

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Computer vision Retail Analytics

Artificial Intelligence based computer vision and retail analytics systems can create value for customers and increase loyalty by providing insights on behaviour, thereby helping retailers remain competitive.

Keeping accounts

Automatic Data Extraction

Ombrulla developed an AI-powered system that combines OCR technology with printed and handwritten documents to automate data extraction. This will allow organizations to automate various types of documents while using very few resources

Production line quality checking

Although inspecting flaws visually is a labor-intensive and highly manual procedure spreading out into one or more phases, it is often prone to mistakes. Our computer vision AI solution automates visual inspection tasks that detect product defects.

Warehouse Robot

Face recognition and behaviour analysis

Presently, facial recognition & behavior analysis technology has been used and employed in a variety of ways that are generally seen as successful and efficient. This is widely used in Identity Verification, eKYC and Spoofing Prevention, Authorization and Customer Segmentation, and Analytics.

Kiosk and employee monitoring by Ombrulla

Kiosk Monitoring

Ombrulla offers an AI/ML-based video and image analytics solution to monitor Kiosk and outlet activity. The programme may also capture customer involvement via the camera and give extensive information and analysis, such as the number of customers visited and the length of their visits, among other things.

window display effectiveness by Ombrulla

Window Display effectiveness

A customer's initial impression of a retail store is mostly formed by its window display.Window display analytics provides merchants with information that allows them to take proactive steps to increase foot traffic and hence revenue.