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AI Marketing & Marketing Automation 

Empower your marketing and differentiate yourself 

Ombrulla provides an end-to-end AI marketing solution for marketing autotmation and help your company grow along the client journey.

MARKETING with artificial intelligence  helps organisations to professionalise their marketing and advertising methods, extend their business via the Internet, and so reach new clients and increase revenues. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in marketing to help our customers achieve their goals. AI MARKETING, developed by our seasoned team, can empower you with the most sophisticated marketing automation solutions to assist you in meeting the goals and objectives of your organization.


  • Customer Profiling

  • Customer Support Solutions

  • Social Media Listening

  • Behavior Analysis

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Churn Prediction

  • Content Recommendation 

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Marketing Strategy Development

Ombrulla tracks your company's marketing challenges and possibilities by analysing advertising and marketing data and making predictions about marketing strategies using a range of data mining, machine learning, predictive modelling, and forecasting techniques.


Ombrulla can assist you in automating the management of marketing activities and campaigns across many channels. This technology automates tedious activities and works behind the scenes to help customers through their experience.


A digital strategy's heart is its website. You want to be found when consumers search for your company on Google or other online platforms. Well-designed websites and contents perform better and, as a result, cost less to run 'Google Ads' campaigns and better visibility on online.


We can now develop applications to have 'human-like' abilities using AI and machine learning. Apps, once built, have the potential to evaluate the behaviours of users within the app and make lightning-fast choices based on a variety of criteria. Your app may provide each customer with a more personalised, one-on-one experience.

10 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

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