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Importance of AI in the manufacturing sector

According to Markets & Markets, the artificial intelligence manufacturing market will be worth USD 16.3 billion by 2027, rising at a CAGR of 47.9% between 2022 and 2027. 

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Industrial manufacturing has the greatest rate of AI functioning among all industries, with 93% of corporate executives admitting that it is at least somewhat beneficial in their organisation.

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Critical Benefits Of AI in manufacturing

What our amazing clients say about us

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James Joseph 
Managing Director 
Dubai, UAE

Ombrulla demonstrated how AI could quickly extract value from our data and demonstrate significant economic benefit in only a few days. ”

Use Cases of AI in Manufacturing

Automobile Industry 

Identifying the scratches and irregularities

Some of the Paint faults identified using computer vision 

  • Insufficient paint 

  • Missing paint

  • Droplet

  • Paint dust

  • Shade variation

Car Factory

Vegetables: One of the first factors that determine a vegetable's quality is its look, which includes its color, size, shape, and shine.

Meat: the appearance and texture.

Bakery Products: form and size characteristics.

Image by Adli Wahid
Temperature Check

Employee Identification
& Monitoring 

A lunch break should be no more than 45 minutes long. Employees should have been there until 6 p.m., and if they leave 20 minutes early, they should be reminded in accordance with employee adherence metrics. 


Security & Surveillance

Video analytics are a highly cost-effective way to augment security with new detection capabilities, reduce staffing requirements by directing attention to key events.

Understand the benefits of AI in Manufacturing  

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