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7 important functionalities that a marketing automation software requires.

Updated: Jan 20

Ombrulla can assist you in automating the management of marketing activities and campaigns across many channels. This technology automates tedious activities and works behind the scenes to help customers through their experience.
Ombrulla Marketing Automation

The majority of Artificial Intelligence enabled marketing automation software is marketed as a platform, which is an integrated suite of tools with a feature set. Of course, the automation tools and their unique capabilities differ from platform to platform. Having stated that, most AI in Marketing solutions will provide tools and capabilities to help or automate the administration of the following:

  1. Lead generation

  2. Lead scoring and administration

  3. Nurture as a leader

  4. Campaign administration

  5. Content administration

  6. CRM synchronisation

  7. Reporting and analytics

Lead generation

Learn about your prospects and what they want. Learn about who they are, what function they play (for B2B marketers), their pain areas, and how you may assist them. Setting up a lead capture page is a standard strategy (that is, a landing page). Visitors to lead capture sites are frequently asked to provide information in return for a reward. In return for a downloaded e-book or white paper, an entry into a sweepstakes drawing, or a promotional coupon or discount code, a user may be required to give her email address, zip code, and work title.

Lead scoring and administration

To distinguish hot leads from "simply browsing," use demographics, behavioural data, and other prospect information. Leads should be routed into nurturing and drip programmes based on their criteria. Every firm evaluates leads differently, but the basic aim is to discover the most potential leads for your company at a given moment or for a certain campaign. A lead score evaluates the activities that a prospect has performed on your website, such as downloading a datasheet, watching a demo video, or filling out a contact form. Demographic information, such as industry, title, firm information, or market size, is used to determine a lead grade.

Nurture as a leader

Sending one-off emails every two weeks is not a good method to nurture leads, especially in the B2B industry with its extended sales cycles. You may measure interaction with your emails, website, and other assets using automated nurturing, and then utilise that data to drip-feed the relevant material at the right intervals throughout each prospect's journey.

Campaign administration

From message A/B testing to SEO and social listening, automated campaign management automates marketing data collection and processing so you can focus on strategy. From identifying leads and administering nurturing programmes to evaluating ROI data across many channels, automated campaign management tools enable you to plan, launch, and analyse marketing efforts without having to manually handle every step of the process.

Content administration

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product sheet. All within your marketing automation software, you can write content, design emails and social media posts, and create bespoke materials. Content management systems also handle asset identification and organisation for reuse across many formats and places, allowing you to submit an image or asset once and it will run everywhere. A content management system integrated into your marketing automation platform also makes it simple to update assets: Replacing the current file with an updated one guarantees that pictures and assets are up to date throughout all campaigns, regardless of how old or new, and that links and images do not become broken.

Ombrulla can assist you in automating the management of marketing activities and campaigns across many channels. This technology automates tedious activities and works behind the scenes to help customers through their experience.

CRM synchronisation

Have you recently had a hot prospect sign up for your newsletter? Great! Create a new lead in your CRM for them. Allow the programme to direct them to the proper drip or nurture campaign, provide a welcome message, and measure interaction. Allow the programme to collect behavioral data and notify your sales team when a prospect is active on your channels while you're at it. Marketing automation tools that interface with CRM take care of the tedious work.

Reporting and analytics

When your marketing is automated, it is simple to collect a large amount of data. Allow your marketing automation software to crunch the statistics for you, generating insights and alerts to help you alter ongoing and plan new ones more efficiently. If your marketing and CRM systems are connected, it's also simple to use closed-loop data to directly link ROI to campaigns and other marketing activity using Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics.


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